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Okay, so this is neither a post about my own produce, nor about recipes, but I just got back from NYC and just had to share this inspirational rooftop garden! My garden, as I posted last week, is ordinary and easy to create. A garden on a rooftop, where all the soil, plants, fertilizer, water, ect. has to be brought up 7 stories, is exponentially more work (and way, way more awesome).

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The Brooklyn Grange is located right across the river from Manhattan. On their two roofs in NYC, they grow over 40,000 lbs of organic produce per year. Their mission extends beyond these two gardens, however; not only are they producing local organic produce for nearby restaurants, they also encourage others to make gardens out of unused space.

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On their website, they add this quote:

“At our core, we are a farm, and growing nutritious, tasty food is our passion.  Doing so in New York is our dream.  We believe that this city can be more sustainable; that our air can be cooler and waterways can be cleaner.  We believe that the 14% of our landfills comprised of food scraps should be converted into organic energy for our plants, and plants around the city via active compost programs.  We believe that food should be fresh, not sitting on the back of a flatbed for two weeks.  We believe that food should taste fresh.  Because at the end of the day, it’s about sitting down with our family, admiring that sunset over the city skyline, snacking on a perfectly ripe, sweet tomato and remembering: this is what real food is.”

In my opinion, though, it doesn’t have to be just cities; gardens can happen in a patch of your front lawn. But the end point is the same: sharing home-grown and homemade food with family and friends is one of the best ways you can show love.


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