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I had Lauren over for dinner the other night since our husbands were out alligator hunting (they were unsuccessful in their attempt). I made salmon with hoisin glaze (which is far better than eating alligator, anyway).

The salmon came from a fishing trip Gary and I went on in Oregon during the summer. My great-uncle is an avid fisherman, and spends every day from early June to late July catching as many Kokanee salmon as he can to stock his freezers for winter. He taught us the tricks of the Kokanee-fishing trade when we were there.

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The process involves getting up at 3:45am (yikes!) to then head out on the lake. Coffee in hand, we’d troll around in the boat looking for schools of salmon. Each person has a limit of 25 fish per day.

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The fish are beautiful; they’re silvery in color, about a foot in length, and have bright red meat. At the end of their three year life-span, before they begin to breed and travel upstream, they undergo a complete metamorphosis. Their nose hooks and their color turns red and green. But while they’re in the younger years, these little guys are absolutely delicious to eat.


I got this recipe from Martha Stewart Living. And of course it works well with any store bought salmon.


1 T fresh orange juice
2 T hoisin sauce
2 t honey
4 salmon steaks (or a 1lb salmon fillet)


Combine the juice, hoisin, and honey in a bowl. Next, rinse the salmon and pat it dry. Put the glaze on the fish. You can cook it either on a skillet, in the oven, or on the grill. I like all three. Follow Martha‘s directions if you want the oven. For the skillet and grill, the time needed will depend on how thick your steak or fillet is. For an inch thick, try three to four minutes each side. I like mine rare to medium rare in the middle.

Serve with any remaining glaze.


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