Blue Crab


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I spent this past weekend in Horseshoe Beach, a quaint little fishing town in the Northern Gulf side of Florida. A group of ladies ventured over to spend time gabbing, cooking, eating, canoeing, and swimming. I think we all returned home with full bellies and souls.

Our friend Val is an expert fisherwoman. Although the rest of us tried to catch these beautiful crabs ourselves, it was Val who brought home the dinner. How one catches crab is to dangle a chicken bone on the end of a fishing pole’s hook. The curious crab will wander toward the hook, and a second person grabs them with a net. This is all suppose to work good and fine if you have lots of patience for this kind of thing. After 15 minutes of trying, I thought my time was better spent bobbing and swimming in the ocean. Val, though, with her incredible knowledge of the sea, brought home five beauties for “crab-itizers,” along with other Gulf goodness that we put on the grill.

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Val only kept the males and threw back the females for re-population. You can tell the difference between the genders by the pattern on their apron, or their underside. (You can see the difference between “Jimmy” and “Sally” here.) However, they all are a beautiful blue color that looks the color you think the sea should be.

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The crabs were placed live into a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes, or until they turned bright red.

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{Nicole, enjoying the day’s catch.}

We dunked them in melted butter (which they hardly needed) and ate every last morsel of meat. Fine food & fabulous friends always equals a wonderful time.


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