Vegetable Beef Soup




When Gary was in graduate school, he fixed this meal often. He called it “Pauper’s Stew” because it’s extremely cheep to make; you can make a bunch for the entire week, and it’s healthy and fairly tasty. Gary’s version just used beef broth (no meat), a bag of frozen vegetables, pearled barley, a couple of potatoes, and tomato juice. (His other grad-school staples were chili, bean & cheese quesadillas, and home-made mac & cheese. These all still grace our table quite often.)

To soup up Gary’s recipe (pun intended!), I used beef from a roast I made the night before, including all of its stock. I threw in our garden’s carrots, frozen beans from the spring, and our tomato juice. It’ll warm the belly for sure.


1 lb cooked beef roast (and all the drippings. Use beef stock if you don’t have this.)
1 quart tomato juice
3 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 onion,
2 c beans, chopped
2 c frozen peas
3 potatoes, chopped
1 c pearled barley
3 c water


Throw everything in a large stock pot, and bring to a boil. (You made need quite a bit of salt since the potatoes will soak it up. I think we put in about two teaspoons, but you can add yours to taste.) Cook for 45 minutes to a hour, to let the barley expand and the flavors to gel. Enjoy on a cold winter day!


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