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The past week, my sister and her family made the trek down to Florida to spend some time with us. We parked it at the beach for a couple of days, and spent many glorious hours swimming, making sand castles, and absorbing the ocean. I find that being right next to the sea makes me so aware of the circadian rhythms of the planet: the cycle of the moon, the rise and fall of the tides. It’s so easy for me to disregard all that when I’m in the air-conditioned comfort of my walled home.

It was great fun to cook for my niece and nephew, who, at the ages of almost 2 and 4, are surprisingly adventurous eaters. We had fig pizza and boar sausage and lots of fish. I’m sure a day spent at the ocean contributed to their hungry bellies, but still, the only noses that were turned up was toward my polenta, not my paprika spiced fish.

We used the last of Gary’s sea-trout he caught the other weekend.


1 lb white flaky fish
3 large green chilis
2 avocados
1 T + 1 t cumin
1 t paprika
1 T lemon juice
1 T coconut oil


First, turn on your broiler in the oven. Put the washed peppers on a cookie sheet, and put the sheet on the very top shelf in the oven, right under the broiler. Cook each side of the pepper, while watching, until it blisters and is black. It should only take about 2 minutes per side. One the peppers are blistered, remove from the oven and set aside.

Next, dry off the fish. Mix the 1 t cumin, 1 t paprika, and S&P in a bowl. Sprinkle on the fish and set aside. Once the peppers are cool, remove the blistered black skin, and seeds and stem. Put the cooked pepper into a food processor with the 1 T cumin, lemon juice, and S&P. Mix well.

In a skillet, put the 1 T of coconut oil. Heat on medium-high heat. Put the fish in the skillet for about 3-4 minutes. Flip, and cook about a minute more. Once the fish is cooked through, it’s finished. Serve the fish over polenta, with a dollop of the pepper/avocado puree.


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