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My apologies for the lack of recipes lately–we’ve been a little preoccupied. Namely, we have a kid!! Leo Joseph was born on Monday the 4th; and a beautiful little redhead is he.

Ironically, although I can grow carrots and cabbage, passion fruit and figs, oranges and orchids, and lemons and lettuce, I can’t grow babies. Two years of fertility awfulness plus two years of waiting on an adoption list ended in us being handed Leo. (To make a long story short: my uterus is apparently a waste-of-space.) We were picked over my many many mamas, but the birth-mom who chose us was right. And throughout the last two weeks of getting to know her and her family, and forging this life-long relationship between us, Gary and I have emerged parents. Adoption is a heart-wrenching and beautiful thing when the right people who can’t have kids connect with the right people who choose others to raise theirs. Leo’s birth parents are amazing people who will continue to be in our lives as we all watch him grow. The last two weeks spent in the NICU with Leo have shown us that we have this vast and amazing support system through our family and friends both locally and afar that will help us love this child fiercely.

To use a food analogy, this experience can be likened to my Midwestern love of apples. To me, they taste so much like home. Yet in my little Florida yard here, we can grow everything but. However, I’ve gotten amazing and beautiful apples grown elsewhere, and enjoyed them throughly here. Locally grown is great, of course, but sometimes you just have to import in order to enjoy.

In our short week and a half of being attached to this little guy, missing holes in Gary and my hearts are now filled. We cannot wait to enjoy a lifetime of his deliciousness!


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